Personal Information:
Name: Linden Jones
Born: ;)
Lives: England, UK
Occupation: Classified
Status: Married
Aliases: LindenJ, LDJ, LJ, 3sixty, IDA
[ main pc ]
Intel Quad Core Q6600 (2400Mhz)
4.00GB DDR2 (4x1024)
2x1TB Sata II (OS and Applications)
3x1TB Sata II NAS Raid (Samples, VSTs and Storage)
5.1 Realtek HD
Windows 7 64bit
[ laptop ]
Intel Core i3-370M (2400Mhz)
4.00GB DDR3 (2x2048)
1x320gb Sata II (OS and Applications)
3x1TB Sata II Nas Raid (Samples, VSTs and Storage)
Numark DJ I/O soundcard
Windows 7 64bit
[ rig ]
out of action
Linden started DJing at the age of 16, saw his first CDJ's in a magazine and bought them the next day. Often got called upon to DJ at friends parties and gatherings, through word of mouth he found him self DJing at a small pub in Hastings one evening to 30 or so people and later on in time got the call to DJ in a club in Brighton to an audience of 100+, Linden prefers to stay out of the lime light and mix in his studio, recording podcasts, guest mixes and making his own tracks in anticipation  that a well known lable will snap him up and give him residency somewhere - there is a big future for Linden DJing in the circuit.
LDJ is currently working on new material, and will feature in forth coming sets.
not currently active